Tuesday, December 30, 2014


To resume another new day,
I call it off, for a reboot to make.

With saved Experiences & processing memories,
I remember the times I've had, least of worries.

A visual poetry starts to weave, as I  fall into a trance.
A smooth wave and a soft breeze, it feels. As if in Trans.

What is this place, I've never been to before?
Like in an adventurous game to play, I adore.

Men so fierce, in a desert unknown. Riding on ursus, as white as snow.

I run for my life, faster than I've ever done,
Until I fell, a labyrinth by a tree under a hidden mansion.

A labyrinth it was like in Rick Riordon's book,
Into a place like the ancient Rome, it got me hooked.

Here I see a battle field, amidst the ruined collosium,
Sitting beside me, with armors and shields, is my husband.

We run for our lives from horses and armed soldiers,
With narrow escape, from heads being chopped by swords, shaped like shear.

Tripped by a debris, I fall into a hole,
It's the labyrinth again. Stop! Behold!

As amazing it seems, so was it thrilling,
Mind cautioned, heart pounding, and rush of adrenaline.

Now in a place I stand, so much like India
But so very quiet, so very clean - this is euphoria.

Huge they are, each like a palace,
People's homes, who to me, were familiar.

I walk past their homes, admiring the architecture.
And greeted by all, who seemed near and dear.

It was the last house that looked so familiar.
Realized it was, home of a friend very dear.

Startled by a noise, I turn back to see,
The fierce men and bears, were there, hunting for me

I run into the house, taken into a room,
Shut to safety, take a deep breadth or two.

With fear of death, my closed eyes pray,
Shook by an old man, who looks scared and dazed.

I tell him I'm chased by the fierce men and bears,
Shocked to life, he tried to escape from here.

Trying to hide, he suddenly disappears,
Probably a opening to the labyrinth was there.

I hear the bears sniffing out the door,
By the time they broke in, I came out of the show.

Dreams they are, that take me beyond,
The world never known for so very long.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

diwali ki Hardik shubkamnahein

Har raat taaron Se hoti hai mujhe roshni mehsoos
Par diwali k rangeen raat, taare bhi na lagti mehfooz

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An unfair world

Unable to accept the unfair world,
As if I am the newly formed butterfly.
Flutters freely in the sweet smelling meadows,

Until getting a view of the chamoflaged dangers.
 Not minding the threat, & not to lose the freedom,
Flying freely, until getting strangled in a cobweb.

Struggling to get out of the thin yet firm strings,
A painful realization to be a guest of an eight legged
Until the rain drops broke the strings & gave a 2nd chance

Flew to safety with a lesson for a lifetime,
To not always be carefree, be modest a times.
For, the world  can make our life go topsy-turvy

Saturday, September 20, 2014

If I were..

If I were a dream,
in someones eyes, like a gleam,
I would impel their minds to achieve me,
See them walk through their destiny.
how they win, with obstacles, so many

If I were a flower,
I'd hug the bees and give'em  nectar
feel the wind and sway with the other,
spread my fragrance across the borders,
and rest in peace, on the day, another

If I were a tree,
I'd take pride in giving shade to thee,
In bearing you fruits that tastes so sweet.
I'd provide wood to built shelter for thee,
and yet not show pain, when you cut me.

If I were the moon,
I'd rise early, for the sun set view.
A visual lullaby, I'd put you to sleep, soon
I'd tell you, if I captured a hare or a goon.
And i'd see the world go quiet, so soon.

If I were the sun,
I'd start a dream for some,
see the sunflowers bloom at once,
admire the trees grow so awesome,
and bid goodbye to the moon, while I go down.

If I were...

Hear it here

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sounds of hunger

amidst the class, about food and culture,
with the longing to eat, my mind wanders.
Its been a while, since i had my last meal,
I thought for myself,I can manage, no big deal!

'food' for thoughts, foods we visualize,
'food' for discussions, talks - none otherwise.
Oh my cravings! please don't die,
Don't call ghrelin and make me shy.

a victim to the stares of my neighbor, already,
for the musical notes playing in my tummy.
Ms. Professor too seems like a lead of an orchestra,
listing all the cuisines and restaurants in the area.

For a project it is, to taste test and comment,
I urged to start mine, that very instance
with her cont'd instructions, it grew more intense,
filling me with the utmost embarrassment.

all of a sudden, the class fell quiet,
Ghrr! Grrr!  burrp! now that's my diet.
heads turned, for a view of the culprit,
but the professor laughed in all good spirits

feeling abashed i cupped my face
i was filled with aw, when they all  gazed,
'Relax!' my neighbor said with sympathy
relieved I was, when she knew I was hungry.

my hungry tummy, the sounds it makes
for I thought, a fart, they all would mistake.

Hear it here

Monday, September 1, 2014

My pen

It's so much pleasure to write my thoughts,
Better than sharing with the friend I walk.

Sometimes moody and some very silly,
 Always noting the muses of its lady,

Never will argue, none will question,
Any color of the ink, when chosen.

Heartless indeed, but a quiet listener,
Who never judges on what I ponder.

Sometimes stuck in my occupied mind,
Words don't flow with the emotional mime.

Yet it's tries scribbling, to amuse
It's lady to whom, gives an idea to muse.

Here I tried to personify a pen. Making the pen a private friend with whom I share the most secretive thoughts, for, a pen - a materialistic thing without a heart or soul will not judge me by my thoughts and will always be a quiet listener. The pen would even  try to cheer me with its scribbles, and when words don't flow, these scribbles would even give me ideas to think 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yeh dooriyaan!!!

Itne Kareeb ho k bhi  kitne door hain hum,

Kyon dikarahi zindagi yeh tanhayi k sitam?

Itni jaan-pehchaan k baad bhi kitne alag hai hum,

Yeh rishta nibhane k liye pyaar kafi nahi hai har dum?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

To the blood sucking rascals! :P

Oh dear, I cannot sleep
Without hearing their noisy squeaks

Oh they think, it's a song so sweet,
The shrill tones, only makes me weep

I plug my ears, pillows covered too,
Ain't any good, their songs make me blue

pierced though me their snout, like needles,
"ouch! snap! aah! You blood sucking evils."

Malaria, dengue, encephalitis
mere utterance, gives me tingles

your tiny bites would make me feeble
"Oh Dear mosquitoes! Please don't mingle"

Hear it here

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Artist

Slipped her hands, feeling the anklets' beads,
Tingling sounds, like wind chimes and breeze,

Wearing it on, stood  in a pose,
With hand gestures, a dancer she supposed

the wind, the sky, the trees, the birds,
everything surreal were audience to her,

Opening her doors of imaginations, Spree!
To the sounds of birds, her expressions - glee!

rustled the leaves; and clouds of thunder,
she wore on her face, a symbol of fear

the passing clouds, and the clear sky bright,
concealed the fright on her face, with delight

her sorrowful face, heard the distant bazaar
tampering the peace, of her oneness hour,

evoked now, by the feeling of wonder,
blown by the wind, that  moment of terror,

the musical notes of the anklets on her feet
made her dance, as the expressions repeat,

heroic it seems, her care free mimes,
even to the nature's signs, she rhymes.

as she sequels the eight hues of expressions,
the door ajar, and she showed, the last essence

expression they are, of an emotional appeal,
if  only she could visualize, the beauty of her feel.

The Artist - a poem about a blind girl who portrays herself as a classical dancer, wearing on the anklets and dancing to the natures music,with her profound expressions of the navarasas.

Hear it here

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rakhi ki hardik shubkaamnahein!

ise ek chota sa dhaga hi samjho,
jho ittne saalon mein baandhte chali aarahi hoon.
Kabhi tere tang kichthe hue,
aur kuch baateein haste hasaathe hue.
kabhi  jhagadthe hue, jab tum meri bhi dairymilk  ka jate the
aur phir kabhi teri naraazgi, aakir  maine hi tere books ko ghasetdiye the
na jaane kaise guzargaye hamari masti bhari bachpana,
itne saaalon k baad bhi jab yaad karti hoon,
yeh sab choti choti baatein sochke hi dil bhar jata hai
aaj phir ek bar rakhi k din, hamare yeh  anoka rishhta nibhathe hue,
 mujhe apne yaadon mein rakh k ,meri d hui rakhi baandlena bhaiya.
rakhi ki harrdik shubkaamnaheein.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Funny chicken shayari - why did the chicken cross the road?

Arre miya! apun ek shayari sunatu..

आज मुझे यह  कायल आया
मुर्ग़ी रास्ता पार  क्यों की ?

आज मुझे यह कायल आया
मुर्ग़ी रास्ता पर क्यों की ?

अगर पार  नहीं  की होती
आज नहीं होती KFC!!!

अगर पार  नहीं  की होती
आज नहीं होती KFC!!!

ये मुर्ग़ी को रास्ता पार करने की इतनी शोक ती
तो मेरी तरफ उसे आनी ती

आखिर क्या  कास है BEY! ये KFC?
में उसकी  हैदराबाद बिरियानी बना देती।

Hear it here

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mein aur meri tanhai - solitary pleasures

में और मेरी तन्हाई

सुनाती  है वह पुराने गीत
खो जाते हैं हम, हसीन ख़्यालों में

यह संगीत सोच बदल देता है
फिर कभी सोचने का वक़्त भी नहीं मिलता !

में और मेरी तन्हाई

ले जाती है हमें,
उस जगह जहाँ. .

 पंछियों की चीक,
फूलों की महक,

बारिश से भीगी
मिटटी की खुशबू

देती है हमें
इतनी कुशी ,

ज़ुबान के दो लफ्ज़ बना देती
एक पल के लिए हमें, कवि

 में और मेरी तन्हाई

 गाती  है मुझसे…

लग जा गले की फिर
यह हसीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में
मुलाकात हो न हो। . .

में और मेरी तन्हाई

अच्छी लगती है हमें
यह दो पल का अकेलापन
जब मिलती है वक़्त
ज़ी बार के करू ,जो चाहे  यह मंन

में और मेरी तन्हाई

अब गाती है मुझसे...

मुबारकें तुम्हे के तुम
किसी के  नूर हो गए
किसी के इतने पास हो
के हम से दूर हो गए।

में और मेरी तन्हाई

Hear it here

Sunday, August 3, 2014


tamanna hai,thanha na ho yeh dil,
kushiyo se bhari, zindagi ho shamil,
pyaar se bhare rishtey mil k ho mehfil
gum, ho bhi agar,usse kya hai  haasil?

Monday, July 21, 2014

यही दोस्त मिले, मुझे इस ज़िन्दगी में

बच्पन :
जाने वो कैसे दिन ते

खुशियों की मंज़िल ढूँढ़ते हुए
बिचद्गये हर साती मेरा
पल दो पल में  याद बनके
बदल गया सब का चेहरा।

जाने वो  कैसे दिन ग़ुज़रे

मंज़िल पार करते हुए,
याद करी मे अपनी बिचड़े दोस्त को
सब अपने मंज़िल पर टिके रहे
ना आए याद मेरी तब किसी को

भुड़ापा :
जाने अब कैसे दिन आगए

याद करते  आए मेरे  बिचड़े  दोस्त
कभी मेरी सेहत भिग़ड़ती
कभी दिमाग होता  बेहोश
पर उनकी याद कभी न आती

फिर भी सोचती  हूँ  " मुझे कैसी दोस्त दी हैं यह ज़िन्दगी?!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Thief!

Felt so good to commit the sin,
not minding my conscience, din.

Grabbed the pelf, to my fairish greed
giving  the satiety to my willful  need

Fast as I can, ran with my might,
Until my flesh, bled with the strike

stumbled on my knees, cried helplessly
Forgive me! Don't punish me, Please!

lashed with words, stares so loathsome,
recklessly dragged by the cops,  gruesome

Enraged at myself, theft was a failure,
the deed I've done, with such a languor 

locked up for days, and released with a warn,
I realize with guilt, not to be, target of your scorns

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Train ki yatra! Funny shayari

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi,

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi...

Mein peene hi wali thi,
Magar train ne hi Pila di 

Phir train chali, chuk chuk ,chuk chuk se,
Mein apni muh  dhulayi , duk duk se, duk duk se

Baaju baite uncle soogaye kharrate maarke
Mein sunthi raha gayi Jaise geet oh koi mashoor ghayak k

Na jaane kaise itni dher tak mein soogayi 
Ki, Agle din  last stop pe patha chala ki mein kho gayi.

Hear it here


The tea was hot,
the train had stopped.

The tea was hot,
the train had stopped...

I was about to drink the tea,
the train itself fed it to me ;)

The train went, chuk.. chuk.. chuk.. chuk..
I washed my face with so much glum, with so much glum.

The uncle who sat beside me, slept snoring,
I sat listening to it, like famous person's singing

I wonder how, i ended up sleeping for so long,
that, the next day, i realized, i am lost and all alone.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

To a writer

आप लिखते हैं बड़े जज्बात से
बातें नही हैं वह ख्वाब के
जिंदगी के पन्नो की यह बात हैं
लिखना तो हैं आपने स्वभाव से
सहारा हो लेख़क का, अनुभव के

जो लोगों को आप पर एतबार हैं
वह लोग हमेशा आपके सात हैं
जिन लोगों को आपसे शिकायत हैं
वह लोग भी आपके पास ही हैं
पर आप लिखते रहिएगा बिना ऐतराज़ के

Hear it here

 You write with your feelings and emotions. 
These words are not from your imaginations.
 these words are from the pages of life.
 let these words flow from within, naturally.
Let you, as a writer, get support from your own experience. 

People who trust you, and have faith in you..
 those people are always with you. 
And people who are against you.. 
even they are there around you.
 No matter what, keep writing, without any hesitation.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Funny shayari - kaam karo, baatein chodo!

Raat gayi, din nayi..
Aawaaz yehi,baat wahi..
Dil se boli, koi aitraaz nahi..
"Ja..Ja.. apna kaam karo,baatien karenge phir kabhi".

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents-in-law

There are some days we will always  remember,
Some become memories to be cherished forever,

On this special day, as both of you look back with happiness and pride
Upon the thirty cherished years that you have spent side by side

May every memory that you share of dreams you've seen, come true,
Making this milestone even more special and a happy one for you two

Happy 30 years of togetherness!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

kuch baatein..

Baat karo, sau baat karo
Kul k kaho, dil mein na rako
Hasske kaho,pehchaan bano
Achche baaton ko yaad karo.

Pyar karo, ikraar karo,
koi anjaan faristha hi kyon na ho?
Shayad ek muskurahat bhi kafi samjho
Aakir apni Mehbooba k mohabat se kum hi hai ,woh.

Zindagi k har pal, apne marzi se jiyo
Kisi k baat par Gussa karo par inkaar na karo,
Kadwa hi sahi, par saral baatein hai woh
Jisse, zindagi jeene ka tareeka tum seeko.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ज़िन्दगी एक पहेली

रात गयी , और दिन नयी
 हर दिन एक नयी शुरुवात  बनी 

बच्चपन में तो कूब मज़े की
 रोते जगध्ते और हस्ते हुए  भी 

इसी तरह  जीवन चलता रहा
 ना  जाने कब बच्चपन ,जवानी में बदला 

यह दुनिया की सफर तो है बड़ी लम्बी 
कभी रुलाती है कभी हस्साती भी यही 

कधम कधम रक्ते जायेंगे सभी
 किसी और की राहें या अपने कुद  की 

सुख दुःख का पहिया चल्ता रहेगा 
अँधेरा हो या फिर उज्जाला भरा 

बुढ़ापा  तो हमें बोहुत तड्पाएगा
 आक़ीर फूल किला तो मर भी जायेगा 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A beggar's life!

I woke up from my sleep,
as if coming back alive,
hearing my stomach shriek,
i remember, like a lightening strike

Its the third day! i'm hungry
not a morsel of food, to eat.

People come, and people go,
I don't remember a single face,
some even pass by me, so close,
but none a friend nor a relative, are they?

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat.

On these days, in the afternoon heat,
with nothing on my foot to wear
waiting to get something to eat,
I stand by the temples and fairs

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

A time, there was,even i had a family,
Mother, so loving , gave me food,
Its long gone, now just a memory
Father worked hard, to earn these goods.

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

Sometimes I wander around, in the city,
stopping by  malls, hotels and bakeries,
 thrown at me, at times - stale food or a penny,
enough for the day to eat, to my hearts merry

But today..
Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

my head feels heavy, I'm about to faint,
be it unconsciousness, be it death.
Poverty - the reason for my family's disdain,
also the reason for my ordeal and mirth.

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A brief talk with LIFE


Through your eyes,
 you make me realize,
the destiny you have for me in reserve,
but not what I think I really deserve

My naive heart often skip's a beat,
fooling itself to have reached the peak,
For it doesn't know, you are my shadow.
Hence your wish, my mind shall follow,

Yes, your decision I have agreed to,
so weak i am, to my heart, not true
my dream to become a reality is due
but the chance for it, I see is few.

every glance you give, at me,
Makes it harder to face the reality
You may make me say, I'm in love with you,
But you know, sometimes, Its too good to be true

I fear the storms that can rip me apart,
I shall chase my dreams, till then not depart.
I have the weapon, to battle challenges from thee
for, it is a gift from you,the best one i ever received.

It motivates and creates a zeal,
It encourages and also heals,
it has nurtured me to who I am, today,
and creates memories to cherish my yesterdays

for all the you have shown on me,
Thank you, LIFE, for the gift of family

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Butter Chicken song (the chikni chameli way)

kitchen k yeh khana, badi swadist  si banegi
ek barthan mein tum lena, murgh, dahi,  kashmiri mirchi bhi

kitchen k yeh khana, badi swadist  si banegi
ek barthan mein tum lena, murgh, dahi, kashmiri mirche bhi
Note ab karle tum, usme dalo ab nimbu pani .

Aaayi  chickeni Makhanni.. banke rasilee, Tandoor mein pakh k aayi. (3times)

Marinate ab isko karni toh hai, rakhde fridge mein gante k liye,
Tab tak hum ko yeh makhani gravy ghazab ki banani hai
Sauce pan rako sim flame pe, makhan usme 2 full spoons k
adrakh, lasang, kasuri methi, namak, mirchi b dale
tamatar ka ras bhi, sarson ka tel bhi,
tamatar ka ras bhi, sarson ka tel bhi
nimbu ka ras milake pakne de zara
itni sari flavours se, yeh swadist toh banne wali

Aaayi chickeni Makhanni .. banke rasilee, Tandoor mein pakh k aayi. (3times)

Dakhan laga k pakhne de, gravy lal rang ki honi jo hai,
chicken ko bahar nikal k fridge se, tandoor mein paka lenge
non stick tandoor pe sarson ka tel, aur chicken ke pieces lagade uspe
tandoori chicken pak jayegi aadha gante mein
yeh chicken k pieces ko, gravy mein dalna hai,
yeh chicken k pieces ko, gravy mein dalna hai,
dalke pandra minute pakne de zara
garama garam isko, roti k saath kahiyee..
yeh toh recipe hai, ab mein photo dikane wali

Aaayi  chickeni Makhanni.. banke rasilee, Tandoor mein pakh k aayi. (3times)