Friday, June 27, 2014

kuch baatein..

Baat karo, sau baat karo
Kul k kaho, dil mein na rako
Hasske kaho,pehchaan bano
Achche baaton ko yaad karo.

Pyar karo, ikraar karo,
koi anjaan faristha hi kyon na ho?
Shayad ek muskurahat bhi kafi samjho
Aakir apni Mehbooba k mohabat se kum hi hai ,woh.

Zindagi k har pal, apne marzi se jiyo
Kisi k baat par Gussa karo par inkaar na karo,
Kadwa hi sahi, par saral baatein hai woh
Jisse, zindagi jeene ka tareeka tum seeko.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ज़िन्दगी एक पहेली

रात गयी , और दिन नयी
 हर दिन एक नयी शुरुवात  बनी 

बच्चपन में तो कूब मज़े की
 रोते जगध्ते और हस्ते हुए  भी 

इसी तरह  जीवन चलता रहा
 ना  जाने कब बच्चपन ,जवानी में बदला 

यह दुनिया की सफर तो है बड़ी लम्बी 
कभी रुलाती है कभी हस्साती भी यही 

कधम कधम रक्ते जायेंगे सभी
 किसी और की राहें या अपने कुद  की 

सुख दुःख का पहिया चल्ता रहेगा 
अँधेरा हो या फिर उज्जाला भरा 

बुढ़ापा  तो हमें बोहुत तड्पाएगा
 आक़ीर फूल किला तो मर भी जायेगा 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A beggar's life!

I woke up from my sleep,
as if coming back alive,
hearing my stomach shriek,
i remember, like a lightening strike

Its the third day! i'm hungry
not a morsel of food, to eat.

People come, and people go,
I don't remember a single face,
some even pass by me, so close,
but none a friend nor a relative, are they?

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat.

On these days, in the afternoon heat,
with nothing on my foot to wear
waiting to get something to eat,
I stand by the temples and fairs

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

A time, there was,even i had a family,
Mother, so loving , gave me food,
Its long gone, now just a memory
Father worked hard, to earn these goods.

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

Sometimes I wander around, in the city,
stopping by  malls, hotels and bakeries,
 thrown at me, at times - stale food or a penny,
enough for the day to eat, to my hearts merry

But today..
Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

my head feels heavy, I'm about to faint,
be it unconsciousness, be it death.
Poverty - the reason for my family's disdain,
also the reason for my ordeal and mirth.

Its the third day! I'm hungry.
not a morsel of food, to eat..

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A brief talk with LIFE


Through your eyes,
 you make me realize,
the destiny you have for me in reserve,
but not what I think I really deserve

My naive heart often skip's a beat,
fooling itself to have reached the peak,
For it doesn't know, you are my shadow.
Hence your wish, my mind shall follow,

Yes, your decision I have agreed to,
so weak i am, to my heart, not true
my dream to become a reality is due
but the chance for it, I see is few.

every glance you give, at me,
Makes it harder to face the reality
You may make me say, I'm in love with you,
But you know, sometimes, Its too good to be true

I fear the storms that can rip me apart,
I shall chase my dreams, till then not depart.
I have the weapon, to battle challenges from thee
for, it is a gift from you,the best one i ever received.

It motivates and creates a zeal,
It encourages and also heals,
it has nurtured me to who I am, today,
and creates memories to cherish my yesterdays

for all the you have shown on me,
Thank you, LIFE, for the gift of family