Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents-in-law

There are some days we will always  remember,
Some become memories to be cherished forever,

On this special day, as both of you look back with happiness and pride
Upon the thirty cherished years that you have spent side by side

May every memory that you share of dreams you've seen, come true,
Making this milestone even more special and a happy one for you two

Happy 30 years of togetherness!!


Ankur Anand said...

nice poem .. :) best wishes from my side .. ! 1st july my birthday :D

V. Archana said...

Thanks for your wishes ankur :) belated Happy birthday to you!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. :)

Jack said...


Read current poems. You do have a knack of touching heart. Loved on about Beggar and of course, rest also. Please convey our Best Wishes to them. We will complete 43 years of togetherness in another few months.

Take care

V. Archana said...

That's nice to hear jack :) thank you.
Wow.. 43 years!! It is lovely to know that. Congratulations and always be happy together :) may god bless you two with good health always!