Tuesday, December 30, 2014


To resume another new day,
I call it off, for a reboot to make.

With saved Experiences & processing memories,
I remember the times I've had, least of worries.

A visual poetry starts to weave, as I  fall into a trance.
A smooth wave and a soft breeze, it feels. As if in Trans.

What is this place, I've never been to before?
Like in an adventurous game to play, I adore.

Men so fierce, in a desert unknown. Riding on ursus, as white as snow.

I run for my life, faster than I've ever done,
Until I fell, a labyrinth by a tree under a hidden mansion.

A labyrinth it was like in Rick Riordon's book,
Into a place like the ancient Rome, it got me hooked.

Here I see a battle field, amidst the ruined collosium,
Sitting beside me, with armors and shields, is my husband.

We run for our lives from horses and armed soldiers,
With narrow escape, from heads being chopped by swords, shaped like shear.

Tripped by a debris, I fall into a hole,
It's the labyrinth again. Stop! Behold!

As amazing it seems, so was it thrilling,
Mind cautioned, heart pounding, and rush of adrenaline.

Now in a place I stand, so much like India
But so very quiet, so very clean - this is euphoria.

Huge they are, each like a palace,
People's homes, who to me, were familiar.

I walk past their homes, admiring the architecture.
And greeted by all, who seemed near and dear.

It was the last house that looked so familiar.
Realized it was, home of a friend very dear.

Startled by a noise, I turn back to see,
The fierce men and bears, were there, hunting for me

I run into the house, taken into a room,
Shut to safety, take a deep breadth or two.

With fear of death, my closed eyes pray,
Shook by an old man, who looks scared and dazed.

I tell him I'm chased by the fierce men and bears,
Shocked to life, he tried to escape from here.

Trying to hide, he suddenly disappears,
Probably a opening to the labyrinth was there.

I hear the bears sniffing out the door,
By the time they broke in, I came out of the show.

Dreams they are, that take me beyond,
The world never known for so very long.