Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silver wishes!

The rhythmic beats of two hearts,synchronized,

creating a melodious song of life.

Full of richness divine and authenticity,
the most priceless gift has ever brought to thee.

And this wealth of love,unconditional,
has created a milestone,blazed with glory.

Reliving those happy moments,
may you shine under this silver radiance.

And keep humming the melodies,
enriching your hearts now and in the coming years too

Love you Mom and Dad!
Wishing you a very Happy Silver Anniversary!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never everlasting..

Like a butterfly,it eludes when chased,
but sits softly on our shoulders,unattended.

Like a star flickering on a cloudy night,
it tries to illumine the space around.

Like a thunderbolt,jolting from the skies,
giving joggles every time it strikes.

Like a flower,the one day beauty,
blooms at dawn and withers at dusk.

Like a bi
rd,it flies away,
when its flock migrates their autumn flyway.

Like a river's streaming flows,
it moves away,unstamped on the same waters again.

Hence,the blissful feeling of contentment,
ess is never everlasting.

If tears could speak...

If my tears could speak,what would they convey?
Thousands of feelings which words could never say.

They would whisper, I'm sorry!,
when i am wrong and you are right.
They would scream, I'm scared!,

in your absence,on the darkest night.

They would exclaim,I'm Happy!,
when you are around me.

They would sigh,I'm sad!,

when i am feeling low.

They would reply,I'm lonely!,
when you are not with me.

They would say,I'm hurt!,
when you don't get along with me.

They would confess,I'm missing you!,
when you are in my thoughts.
They do speak a lot,heard or unheard.
And at times just wiped away by your gentle touch.

Is it too late for you to see?
That my tears cry out "I Love You!"

They do speak,unheard by you,

even a single word they say.

If only you could read a tear,
instead of wiping it away...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frozen tears.

Even though i said the final good-bye
Even though it was all up to me
I still cry...
For when we were the best of friends
For the time we spent together
And for what was never supposed to be..

Till my heart ache ends...

I recall,when you said,you would never leave me.
You told me more,
so much more that when at times you whispered in my ears,
I felt heaven in my heart.
I remember when you said,you'll be here forever...

Then you left....
Without even saying that you're leaving.
You made many similar bonds like the one you shared with me...
I was hurt,
And it really won't be easy to forget yesterday
And i prayed that you would stay,for me
But then you're gone and so far away....

I was afraid,this time would come
I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurting from within.
I have learnt to leave my life beside you.
Maybe i'll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dreams you'd come once again

I'll just keep on dreaming till my heart aches ends....

Dedicated to a dear old friend who lost his ladylove forever. May her soul R.I.P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everything changes with time.
Habits to addictions,
Beauty allures and sags,
Bonds are made,some fade,some break.

Some repent,some don't.
Who do,they suffer yet recover.
Who don't,they are strangled forever.

I jilt,lately,
realizing my eventful acts,taking all the pleasures.
Unthoughtful of hurting and being hurt.
Ethically imbalanced,i stand an enigma to myself.

Paranoid,i lurk;longing for asylum.
Vulnerably,i whinge to the walls,unheard.
Having traumatized to another betrayal,
toxicated completely.En masse,i live dead.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Last Kiss.

Adorned in black,lit by the golden rise,
She sat awaiting,just for him,
Who stood behind a palm,
getting his first glimpse of her,at daybreak.
Still gaping at her beauty,
he walked towards his lady love.
Presenting her a bunch of red roses,
they sat,hand in hand.
Tuned to her voice,divine,
admiring her beauty,hypnotic.
United their hearts,bound with sweetness,
long,will last this togetherness,blissful.
Mesmerized deeply,lost in the lover's paradise,
unaware of the time they sat till twilight.
Until overshadowed by darkness,mystique.
Their path lit by the dim moon light,
she walked him to a mansion by a cemetery.
Highly illumined beyond his imaginations,
captivated by the antiques,all with her name etched.
He took pleasure of everything,insatiably.
They danced to the tunes of a librettist;
Dined and drowned royally,into a delicious irony.
Nothing seemed illusive,till the last kiss.
Pierced into his neck and the oozing out red,
She quenched her thirst,from her 'beloved',
who laid anesthetized,in the cemetery.
Asleep to eternity,and hence buried.