Thursday, July 19, 2012

svatvatmak ya Pyaar?

Tanha Tanha sa kaththi hai raatein,
 Na Jaane kyon aati hai unki yaadein.
 Apne dil se chahathe hai unhe,
 Shayad isiliye sapno mein bhi hum paate hai unhe...
 Phir bhi who samajte nahi dil apna,
 Aur kehte hai hum unpar svatvatmak  horahe hai sada...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our journey...

In this Journey of life, each other we have found
Destined to be together,and with love,to be bound.

I am thankful for the Time we spend together,
Though very little, yet soothing - a busy day, after.

Everyday that passes, I feel I love you more,
for the gentleness in you, is what I most adore.

Our wordy togetherness helps me discover You
my willful acceptance to most, is the rejoicing truth.

Though I've made The promise, I still pray for thee,
To have enough patience, and not be irked at me.

For, I may not always be the way you want me to,
Or ,I might say a thing, listening - you never intend to.

But as we move further, through experiences we'll learn better
For, I have always known and believe, Time to be the best teacher

Our lessons for life will take us together, through
The chapters of our life's sorrows and happiness true.

No matter what it may be like, I know you are my perfect companion, and friend.
And I would choose you again and again, for all the lives, till the end.

An art, an addiction.. for life

Waiting for your call, i realize how much I love you,
My heart pounds every time I hear from you.

Even for those casual talks let be,
On a hot summer day, a cool breeze it feels.

Your patience to listen to everything i say,
Draws me closer to you day by day.

Words sometimes have made you feel bad,
but its unintentional my love;  i don't want to see you sad.

I'll smile for you, to make you happy,
and to make you laugh,i'll tell a joke, funny.

Life with you seems to be beautiful start,
and knowing you better is another new art

To you, my better half

I want to be a part of your heart,
and always together and never apart.

Not another in the world to compare,
for everything in life and the love we share.

Its beautiful than what I thought it  would be,
I care for you more than you could ever see.

I promise to give you all that I should give,
and do everything for you as long as I live.

I hope one day you will come to realize
the wonderful person you are when seen through my eyes.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dil toh bacha hai ji

It follows no rules,
like an unfaded youth.

when loved, it will love you too.
when hurt,it would say words few

Scared to fall in love,twice
stabbed and cut by the love knife,

It bleeds and would never end,
for,those memories don't fade from my eyes

Afraid of being kept again in darkness,
it longs for more attention and kindness.

yet sometimes it behaves nasty,
giving importance to things, silly.

For i am afraid to tell myself,
My Heart, is a kid by itself.