Monday, July 21, 2014

यही दोस्त मिले, मुझे इस ज़िन्दगी में

बच्पन :
जाने वो कैसे दिन ते

खुशियों की मंज़िल ढूँढ़ते हुए
बिचद्गये हर साती मेरा
पल दो पल में  याद बनके
बदल गया सब का चेहरा।

जाने वो  कैसे दिन ग़ुज़रे

मंज़िल पार करते हुए,
याद करी मे अपनी बिचड़े दोस्त को
सब अपने मंज़िल पर टिके रहे
ना आए याद मेरी तब किसी को

भुड़ापा :
जाने अब कैसे दिन आगए

याद करते  आए मेरे  बिचड़े  दोस्त
कभी मेरी सेहत भिग़ड़ती
कभी दिमाग होता  बेहोश
पर उनकी याद कभी न आती

फिर भी सोचती  हूँ  " मुझे कैसी दोस्त दी हैं यह ज़िन्दगी?!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Thief!

Felt so good to commit the sin,
not minding my conscience, din.

Grabbed the pelf, to my fairish greed
giving  the satiety to my willful  need

Fast as I can, ran with my might,
Until my flesh, bled with the strike

stumbled on my knees, cried helplessly
Forgive me! Don't punish me, Please!

lashed with words, stares so loathsome,
recklessly dragged by the cops,  gruesome

Enraged at myself, theft was a failure,
the deed I've done, with such a languor 

locked up for days, and released with a warn,
I realize with guilt, not to be, target of your scorns

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Train ki yatra! Funny shayari

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi,

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi...

Mein peene hi wali thi,
Magar train ne hi Pila di 

Phir train chali, chuk chuk ,chuk chuk se,
Mein apni muh  dhulayi , duk duk se, duk duk se

Baaju baite uncle soogaye kharrate maarke
Mein sunthi raha gayi Jaise geet oh koi mashoor ghayak k

Na jaane kaise itni dher tak mein soogayi 
Ki, Agle din  last stop pe patha chala ki mein kho gayi.

Hear it here


The tea was hot,
the train had stopped.

The tea was hot,
the train had stopped...

I was about to drink the tea,
the train itself fed it to me ;)

The train went, chuk.. chuk.. chuk.. chuk..
I washed my face with so much glum, with so much glum.

The uncle who sat beside me, slept snoring,
I sat listening to it, like famous person's singing

I wonder how, i ended up sleeping for so long,
that, the next day, i realized, i am lost and all alone.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

To a writer

आप लिखते हैं बड़े जज्बात से
बातें नही हैं वह ख्वाब के
जिंदगी के पन्नो की यह बात हैं
लिखना तो हैं आपने स्वभाव से
सहारा हो लेख़क का, अनुभव के

जो लोगों को आप पर एतबार हैं
वह लोग हमेशा आपके सात हैं
जिन लोगों को आपसे शिकायत हैं
वह लोग भी आपके पास ही हैं
पर आप लिखते रहिएगा बिना ऐतराज़ के

Hear it here

 You write with your feelings and emotions. 
These words are not from your imaginations.
 these words are from the pages of life.
 let these words flow from within, naturally.
Let you, as a writer, get support from your own experience. 

People who trust you, and have faith in you..
 those people are always with you. 
And people who are against you.. 
even they are there around you.
 No matter what, keep writing, without any hesitation.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Funny shayari - kaam karo, baatein chodo!

Raat gayi, din nayi..
Aawaaz yehi,baat wahi..
Dil se boli, koi aitraaz nahi..
"Ja..Ja.. apna kaam karo,baatien karenge phir kabhi".

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents-in-law

There are some days we will always  remember,
Some become memories to be cherished forever,

On this special day, as both of you look back with happiness and pride
Upon the thirty cherished years that you have spent side by side

May every memory that you share of dreams you've seen, come true,
Making this milestone even more special and a happy one for you two

Happy 30 years of togetherness!!