Sunday, February 21, 2010

A reason for my prayers

Though i'm dazed and confused,
there are times about u i muse.

Those soulful delights beyond all measures,
are the ones i will always treasure.

You might see the feeling of hatred in me;
but my heart burns fervent with love for thee.

Many sleepless nights i pray for you,my love;
hoping for God to hear from the Heaven above.

I pray, these words i whisper in the air,
to give you warmth and courage when in despair.

I wish for these prayers from my heart to build a shield,
Which will protect you always from all kinds of miseries.

I regret not,anymore that we never made it together,
my only cravings are your happiness and safety forever.

I mean no harm to thee,
You'll always be the reasons for my humble pleas.

If you could only understand my heart's sorrows and pain,
beyond which those little but sweet memories still remain.

You may never hear from me ever again
But the reason for my prayers,you'll remain.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


When theres no one around to talk,
In this journey,alone i would walk.

Sharing my laughter and tears,
All by myself,without any fear.

But there'll be no one to laugh along,
Nor a shoulder to cry upon.

Why do they leave me alone?
the people who,to me were once known.

What if i had never let them go?
Would they be the same people i ever know?