Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Morning ♥

I want this message of mine,
 to wake you up with a smile,
 for, you have been on my mind,
 though away from me, many miles.

 I want to tell you this,
 knowing you, so wonderful it is.
 For the life time i would treasure this.
 as, you are a very precious gift.

 I want you to remember me,
 Even on the days, busy
 and when you are not glee
 coz, i'll make you feel happy,
 by writing for you,many more of these.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You! Me! Our Life! We Live!

I may not be the best of what you have got,
But,you will be cared for,more than what you have ever thought.

Reality and experiences will make us believe,
the myths and facts about us, then revealed.

Perfection is not a trait of any existing form,
It shouldn't be a factor to judge each other upon.

Acceptance, to the fact of what we individually are,
is the best way to carry ourself together,though apart.

Time! now, is like a streaming river,
for, the distance between is not forever.

The bond, once made concrete,together we will soon be,
To live a meaningful life,with understandings and responsibilities.

Though we may not share everything of us,
Stronger will it get, our bond of love and trust.

No matter what difficulties in life we may see,
Through all seasons with each other, we shall be.

For, the goodness of our marriage lies in,
being there for each other, in our thick and thins,

...of life, a mixed blessing.