Saturday, September 20, 2014

If I were..

If I were a dream,
in someones eyes, like a gleam,
I would impel their minds to achieve me,
See them walk through their destiny.
how they win, with obstacles, so many

If I were a flower,
I'd hug the bees and give'em  nectar
feel the wind and sway with the other,
spread my fragrance across the borders,
and rest in peace, on the day, another

If I were a tree,
I'd take pride in giving shade to thee,
In bearing you fruits that tastes so sweet.
I'd provide wood to built shelter for thee,
and yet not show pain, when you cut me.

If I were the moon,
I'd rise early, for the sun set view.
A visual lullaby, I'd put you to sleep, soon
I'd tell you, if I captured a hare or a goon.
And i'd see the world go quiet, so soon.

If I were the sun,
I'd start a dream for some,
see the sunflowers bloom at once,
admire the trees grow so awesome,
and bid goodbye to the moon, while I go down.

If I were...

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