Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Eternity...

May not be the best of what we are,
For, the distance amidst keeps us far.

Limited by words, otherwise too,
For, everything around seems so new.

A new bond together we begin,
With a love song forever we'll sing.

Showered by blessings and wishes,warm
from friends, well wishers and everyone around.

This song of ours shall create a milestone,
admired and loved by the dear ones to us, known.

A promise forever i shall make to thee
With you i'll be from this moment to eternity

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Reason to write...

A woman of thousand words, I was
but never have I written for a true cause.

Sadness, betrayal and loss was what they conveyed,
though cheerful at heart, I have always remained.

Words written are the effects,mere
of the books I read and the songs I hear.

Now,a sweet fragrance I smell in the air.
blossomed have the feelings of love and care.

For, your pleasant smile and your thoughtful ways,
brings in joy and happiness to all my days.

Never this expressive have I been to anyone,
and now, my lovely reason to write, you have become.

Dear Brother

Flowers, so sweet and pure,
all of which i embrace and adore.
for, its a reflection of the affection you pour.

Soft are their petals that beautifully flow,
Just like your concern on me, i have known.

From the stems which hold them strong and secure,
Just like the protectiveness on me you have shown.

Through all seasons as they gracefully grow.
just like we do, as kids, as teenagers ,as adults ,and till time unknown.