Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Doc Bro Pal ;)

A friend ,now from overseas,
A sister ,may be forgotten by thee,
whom in person you have never seen
But, who always wishes good for thee.

Always fun but sometimes lazy,
Everytime we talk,you call me couchee
Convey my regards to your parents n fiancée
Don't forget, your sis who's always happy n glee ;)

Happy Mothers Day!!!

The sun shining bright, encouraged me to dream;

Fostered and nurtured, the seeds of self esteem.

With love like red roses, in the garden of the heart,

And all the good things, that gave my life a start.

Protected enough, when the winds blew,

But not too much, for, stronger I had to grow.

Examples to teach me, right from wrong,

Marked on my pathway that'd last life long.

In my mothers garden where, I am her legacy,

With all your love for me, which I reflect back to thee