Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Train ki yatra! Funny shayari

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi,

Chai garam thi,
Train rukhi bhi...

Mein peene hi wali thi,
Magar train ne hi Pila di 

Phir train chali, chuk chuk ,chuk chuk se,
Mein apni muh  dhulayi , duk duk se, duk duk se

Baaju baite uncle soogaye kharrate maarke
Mein sunthi raha gayi Jaise geet oh koi mashoor ghayak k

Na jaane kaise itni dher tak mein soogayi 
Ki, Agle din  last stop pe patha chala ki mein kho gayi.

Hear it here


The tea was hot,
the train had stopped.

The tea was hot,
the train had stopped...

I was about to drink the tea,
the train itself fed it to me ;)

The train went, chuk.. chuk.. chuk.. chuk..
I washed my face with so much glum, with so much glum.

The uncle who sat beside me, slept snoring,
I sat listening to it, like famous person's singing

I wonder how, i ended up sleeping for so long,
that, the next day, i realized, i am lost and all alone.


Ankita said...

hahahahaah! that was funnnyyyy!

Ankur Anand said...

lol .. i don't drink tea or coffee but those who do i guess surely have experienced this lolsome experience :D