Wednesday, October 22, 2014

diwali ki Hardik shubkamnahein

Har raat taaron Se hoti hai mujhe roshni mehsoos
Par diwali k rangeen raat, taare bhi na lagti mehfooz

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An unfair world

Unable to accept the unfair world,
As if I am the newly formed butterfly.
Flutters freely in the sweet smelling meadows,

Until getting a view of the chamoflaged dangers.
 Not minding the threat, & not to lose the freedom,
Flying freely, until getting strangled in a cobweb.

Struggling to get out of the thin yet firm strings,
A painful realization to be a guest of an eight legged
Until the rain drops broke the strings & gave a 2nd chance

Flew to safety with a lesson for a lifetime,
To not always be carefree, be modest a times.
For, the world  can make our life go topsy-turvy