Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Thief!

Felt so good to commit the sin,
not minding my conscience, din.

Grabbed the pelf, to my fairish greed
giving  the satiety to my willful  need

Fast as I can, ran with my might,
Until my flesh, bled with the strike

stumbled on my knees, cried helplessly
Forgive me! Don't punish me, Please!

lashed with words, stares so loathsome,
recklessly dragged by the cops,  gruesome

Enraged at myself, theft was a failure,
the deed I've done, with such a languor 

locked up for days, and released with a warn,
I realize with guilt, not to be, target of your scorns

1 comment:

Ankur Anand said...

hahaha.. never knew a thief can too realize through a poem:D .. 1st one i read on this topic well written :)