Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get well soon,Mom!

Missing the cuddly hugs and your light hearted humour on me. :(
Waiting for the delicious aroma from the kitchen,fill my room! :D
Wanting to see you healthy with that glowing smile that always lightens us :)

Mom,missing you in the daily routine. Wishing you a super fast recovery and hope to see you back up on your feet again,real soon. Take care!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy,DaDdY!

I remember the first days,
i hold your li'l finger and walked along.
You taught me how to walk

I cherish the days i never accepted defeats,
in those silly games we played.

You never let me down.

I'll never forget those days you scold me,

and i walked away with silent tears.

You have taught me right from wrong.

I think of the times,you make us laugh,
with your pleasant sense of humour.
You are the most jovial person in the world.

Your words i value the most.

For,you always help me and give the best advice.

On this day, I pray for you,
for all your wishes to come true.

Today we celebrate your life,
So Dad
, Happy Birthday to you.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Oath..

Your refuge,i take,
in your presence i dwell.

I owe my life to you,
my companion forever,you stay.

You took me through your path,
to show your truest attire.

Not chosen by all,
I abide in you for ever...

in the dark

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life's like a boat..

Nobody knows who i really am,
I never felt this empty before.
And if i ever need someone to come along,
who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong?

The journey will still go on..
even on the quietest days,
Along with the passing clouds,
Allowing a slight shimmer upon...

After the moon completes its phase,
it will shine light upon,with grace.
I pray and wait for the new day to come,
until it arrives across the vividly sparkling ocean.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fading heart...

For what you don't know,is killing me inside.
For what you didn't do,is what I need to confide.

My feelings for you haven't just vanished into the night,
For it is your hand I wish to hold tight.

Sad emotions enter my mind,
Searching for answers, still longing to find.

Commitment was the word we did not say,
That's why this heart is fading away.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I know..

I know deep in my heart,
I would be lost without your love.
For i know how your love,
keeps me buoyant at heart.

I know you love me so much,
For i have you in my dreams.
Everyday when i lay on my bed,
and when i wake up,i see you.

I know that our heart beats as one,
even without seeing each other.
I am thankful it is you who is for me,
but life never chose me for you.

I know, you are the same for me,
willing to share the sweet and sour.
Life makes it all bitter for me,
With a blend of sadness and tears,everlasting

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silver wishes!

The rhythmic beats of two hearts,synchronized,

creating a melodious song of life.

Full of richness divine and authenticity,
the most priceless gift has ever brought to thee.

And this wealth of love,unconditional,
has created a milestone,blazed with glory.

Reliving those happy moments,
may you shine under this silver radiance.

And keep humming the melodies,
enriching your hearts now and in the coming years too

Love you Mom and Dad!
Wishing you a very Happy Silver Anniversary!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never everlasting..

Like a butterfly,it eludes when chased,
but sits softly on our shoulders,unattended.

Like a star flickering on a cloudy night,
it tries to illumine the space around.

Like a thunderbolt,jolting from the skies,
giving joggles every time it strikes.

Like a flower,the one day beauty,
blooms at dawn and withers at dusk.

Like a bi
rd,it flies away,
when its flock migrates their autumn flyway.

Like a river's streaming flows,
it moves away,unstamped on the same waters again.

Hence,the blissful feeling of contentment,
ess is never everlasting.

If tears could speak...

If my tears could speak,what would they convey?
Thousands of feelings which words could never say.

They would whisper, I'm sorry!,
when i am wrong and you are right.
They would scream, I'm scared!,

in your absence,on the darkest night.

They would exclaim,I'm Happy!,
when you are around me.

They would sigh,I'm sad!,

when i am feeling low.

They would reply,I'm lonely!,
when you are not with me.

They would say,I'm hurt!,
when you don't get along with me.

They would confess,I'm missing you!,
when you are in my thoughts.
They do speak a lot,heard or unheard.
And at times just wiped away by your gentle touch.

Is it too late for you to see?
That my tears cry out "I Love You!"

They do speak,unheard by you,

even a single word they say.

If only you could read a tear,
instead of wiping it away...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frozen tears.

Even though i said the final good-bye
Even though it was all up to me
I still cry...
For when we were the best of friends
For the time we spent together
And for what was never supposed to be..

Till my heart ache ends...

I recall,when you said,you would never leave me.
You told me more,
so much more that when at times you whispered in my ears,
I felt heaven in my heart.
I remember when you said,you'll be here forever...

Then you left....
Without even saying that you're leaving.
You made many similar bonds like the one you shared with me...
I was hurt,
And it really won't be easy to forget yesterday
And i prayed that you would stay,for me
But then you're gone and so far away....

I was afraid,this time would come
I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurting from within.
I have learnt to leave my life beside you.
Maybe i'll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dreams you'd come once again

I'll just keep on dreaming till my heart aches ends....

Dedicated to a dear old friend who lost his ladylove forever. May her soul R.I.P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everything changes with time.
Habits to addictions,
Beauty allures and sags,
Bonds are made,some fade,some break.

Some repent,some don't.
Who do,they suffer yet recover.
Who don't,they are strangled forever.

I jilt,lately,
realizing my eventful acts,taking all the pleasures.
Unthoughtful of hurting and being hurt.
Ethically imbalanced,i stand an enigma to myself.

Paranoid,i lurk;longing for asylum.
Vulnerably,i whinge to the walls,unheard.
Having traumatized to another betrayal,
toxicated completely.En masse,i live dead.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Last Kiss.

Adorned in black,lit by the golden rise,
She sat awaiting,just for him,
Who stood behind a palm,
getting his first glimpse of her,at daybreak.
Still gaping at her beauty,
he walked towards his lady love.
Presenting her a bunch of red roses,
they sat,hand in hand.
Tuned to her voice,divine,
admiring her beauty,hypnotic.
United their hearts,bound with sweetness,
long,will last this togetherness,blissful.
Mesmerized deeply,lost in the lover's paradise,
unaware of the time they sat till twilight.
Until overshadowed by darkness,mystique.
Their path lit by the dim moon light,
she walked him to a mansion by a cemetery.
Highly illumined beyond his imaginations,
captivated by the antiques,all with her name etched.
He took pleasure of everything,insatiably.
They danced to the tunes of a librettist;
Dined and drowned royally,into a delicious irony.
Nothing seemed illusive,till the last kiss.
Pierced into his neck and the oozing out red,
She quenched her thirst,from her 'beloved',
who laid anesthetized,in the cemetery.
Asleep to eternity,and hence buried.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Burden of the past

A contemptuous start.
Cute impressions.
Slow attractions.
Sudden impulses.
Wicked temptations.
Hurried actions.
Deliberate deeds.
Immense pleasures.

"Sweet yet Bitter"

Secrets revealed
Facts denied

"The Truth"

Unwilling confessions.
Heart break.
Lost trust.
Endless pleads and apologies.
Questions unanswered.

"The Untimely,Uninvited guest"


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haunting memories

Haunted by the thoughts,she sat in darkness,
remembering last winter that went cheerless.

Fallen down in pain,growling feebly,
ripped through and bleeding heavily.

He looked into her tear filled eyes,
may be,wanting to thank her for being so nice.

She took him into her lap,
hugged him tight and soothed with her pats.

She stroked him gently and helpless;
listened to his fading voice,restless.

Tears uncontrolled,dripped onto his fur,
holding a painful heart,not easy to cure.

She went cold with numbness,
that December evening filled with sadness.

Feeling rancorous,still stroking,she stared,
at her beloved,quarried.

Letting out a hoarse,painful cry,
the Spaniel named Charlie,died.

She lives her life treasuring his toys and memories,
unwilling to experience the pain of losing another Charlie.

(written in memory of a long lost friend and my beloved doggie,Caesar,a Great Dane).
Thats for you,Cezu

No matter how many people come and go in your life,no individual you have shared your deepest emotions and feelings with,can be replaced by another.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Highway on my turbulent emotional torrent

I don't know whom to trust now.
Every time i trusted someone,i was let down.

What do i do to have the buoyancy?
Do i follow my instincts behind me?

No matter how hard i try to disguise the pain,
its revealed as the worst weaknesses that ever remains.

On my drenched pillow,i lay insomniac...

I fake my expressions to you,
fooling myself for so long,so true.

Everything you've said to me
is nothing but a myth,i realize.

The best of all the false,
being the one u often told me,in clause.

I loved every time i heard it.

Until ignorance gave you bliss
and loneliness gave me a kiss.

For the last time now,
i would trust myself,somehow.

Friday, September 11, 2009


So close,
no matter how far.
I still miss her,
from the deepest of my heart.

Not too long that i knew her,
and already she has left me.

Like the sky with its missing moon.

Running down the memory lane,
i know not anybody,so sane.
Souly attached to me and my sisterhood.

Everytime i hear her,
I feel so much so same.

Synchronized thoughts on everything spoken
Undying emotions,same sweet sentiments.
None remain hidden,
from me,from her nor from him.

But words last spoken has deceived her,
on what wasn't done deliberately.

Impulsive acts,annoyance in her,
anguish in him and the guilt in me.

I say not a word more,against her
nor could i see her in blue.

I find no way out of this distress
thats created a whorlpool of confusion
with mixed emotions,away from tranquillity.

Defeated amidst a splendid friendship of three,
bloomed and rising to eternity.

i lay low,having not succeeded
watering the withered blooms,
with my tears of love and compassion,
which has now changed,
my melodious songs of life
into sorrowful mourns.

Deepest apologies with the everlasting guilt
is the only hope that remains...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Light! In my life?
No,no. There is no
trace of it in my life.

There is light around me.
Light everywhere.
But,but, nothing gives light to my dark soul.
Will my soul have a ray of it at least,someday?

I do not know.
i cant think nor hope for it.

This memory haunts me day and night.
what a ridiculous and deserted life.
Darkness tries to trap me into its web

I feel hopeless and lost
i don't understand it.
Sadness,but i cheer myself
and brush my tears away.

But it all sways back to me and says,
Forever yours...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Days,weeks,months,years rolled by,I know not
When and how...
I waited
I had no choice
All my dreams are shattered.

And now
I have many sad stories
Piled in my heart
One on top of the other
But still i wait.

In worrying
I lost my beauty
The stars in my eyes
have disappeared
without a trace.

There are some trees
In the garden
They are so green and fresh,
without company they stand
without experience of loneliness.

Two little sparrows that flew past me,
cheered me up
by their chirps
but an owl sent me
a mournful greetings.

But i could hear the quail
sending a brief hurried call
he may be longing for
a company
Like me.