Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everything changes with time.
Habits to addictions,
Beauty allures and sags,
Bonds are made,some fade,some break.

Some repent,some don't.
Who do,they suffer yet recover.
Who don't,they are strangled forever.

I jilt,lately,
realizing my eventful acts,taking all the pleasures.
Unthoughtful of hurting and being hurt.
Ethically imbalanced,i stand an enigma to myself.

Paranoid,i lurk;longing for asylum.
Vulnerably,i whinge to the walls,unheard.
Having traumatized to another betrayal,
toxicated completely.En masse,i live dead.


Praveen said...

I had a feeling of being inside a scary well after I read that :D

Priya Joyce said...

yes all changes with time..time heals..
tats positive...but when people change..hmmm

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

hmmm...i'll say u r now a 'grown up poetess'..impressive :)so happy!!! keep writin!!!

Escapist said...

Ah ....time passes and can heal ,but i dont agree that the scar cant leave the mark and every touch can make you remember that moment...