Monday, October 19, 2009

Till my heart ache ends...

I recall,when you said,you would never leave me.
You told me more,
so much more that when at times you whispered in my ears,
I felt heaven in my heart.
I remember when you said,you'll be here forever...

Then you left....
Without even saying that you're leaving.
You made many similar bonds like the one you shared with me...
I was hurt,
And it really won't be easy to forget yesterday
And i prayed that you would stay,for me
But then you're gone and so far away....

I was afraid,this time would come
I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurting from within.
I have learnt to leave my life beside you.
Maybe i'll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dreams you'd come once again

I'll just keep on dreaming till my heart aches ends....

Dedicated to a dear old friend who lost his ladylove forever. May her soul R.I.P

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