Saturday, September 19, 2009

Highway on my turbulent emotional torrent

I don't know whom to trust now.
Every time i trusted someone,i was let down.

What do i do to have the buoyancy?
Do i follow my instincts behind me?

No matter how hard i try to disguise the pain,
its revealed as the worst weaknesses that ever remains.

On my drenched pillow,i lay insomniac...

I fake my expressions to you,
fooling myself for so long,so true.

Everything you've said to me
is nothing but a myth,i realize.

The best of all the false,
being the one u often told me,in clause.

I loved every time i heard it.

Until ignorance gave you bliss
and loneliness gave me a kiss.

For the last time now,
i would trust myself,somehow.


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

"poetess in de making"

n dat line was fat free butter free sugar free...!!!

luvd it...poetry is one tough route 2 take...n i admire thee 4 starting out. well the road's too long n u r already on a bike!!! the speed's gud.

Keep readin more...ull get tips...keep growin...built 'style wid yer signature' best poems always sound like thing dat all always happen is 'poems turnin out into prose with short lines'...itll change wid time...keep movin...

personally i rarely attempt 2 think of writin poems!! cant bear de strain :) though sum fellow mortals recognised few posts as poems though ill never admit. :)

Meet this awesome poetresse i ve met in blogosphere...a rare species whu blogz once in a blue read it )i doonno if ull catch de legend online!!) while reading from de very beginnin...ol' to new poems...ull c de 'evolution'..!!! i say this becoz i'd been tracin dat writer since her 'online birth'

Priya Joyce said...

when trust is broken it hurts..
to get that outaa the conscious mind is next to impossible..i dunno..but hav experienced sumthng very similar..


tuching tat ws..