Monday, October 12, 2009

The Last Kiss.

Adorned in black,lit by the golden rise,
She sat awaiting,just for him,
Who stood behind a palm,
getting his first glimpse of her,at daybreak.
Still gaping at her beauty,
he walked towards his lady love.
Presenting her a bunch of red roses,
they sat,hand in hand.
Tuned to her voice,divine,
admiring her beauty,hypnotic.
United their hearts,bound with sweetness,
long,will last this togetherness,blissful.
Mesmerized deeply,lost in the lover's paradise,
unaware of the time they sat till twilight.
Until overshadowed by darkness,mystique.
Their path lit by the dim moon light,
she walked him to a mansion by a cemetery.
Highly illumined beyond his imaginations,
captivated by the antiques,all with her name etched.
He took pleasure of everything,insatiably.
They danced to the tunes of a librettist;
Dined and drowned royally,into a delicious irony.
Nothing seemed illusive,till the last kiss.
Pierced into his neck and the oozing out red,
She quenched her thirst,from her 'beloved',
who laid anesthetized,in the cemetery.
Asleep to eternity,and hence buried.


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

Omg! De naughty girl has now got me spell bound ! Clap clap :) de Dark lord is really really happy wid de work :) keep it up m8! U r going good ! Dark ha! Do add light :-) de pics r cool too.

Praveen said...

woww!!!scary stuff...I gotta be careful with gals:P
and did u draw the artwork?

Priya Joyce said...

tat was cool...ahh...well scary too as praveen says..


Uncommon Sense said...

tht was scrarry, and if u made that sketch,, then u shud stop sketching