Saturday, October 24, 2009

If tears could speak...

If my tears could speak,what would they convey?
Thousands of feelings which words could never say.

They would whisper, I'm sorry!,
when i am wrong and you are right.
They would scream, I'm scared!,

in your absence,on the darkest night.

They would exclaim,I'm Happy!,
when you are around me.

They would sigh,I'm sad!,

when i am feeling low.

They would reply,I'm lonely!,
when you are not with me.

They would say,I'm hurt!,
when you don't get along with me.

They would confess,I'm missing you!,
when you are in my thoughts.
They do speak a lot,heard or unheard.
And at times just wiped away by your gentle touch.

Is it too late for you to see?
That my tears cry out "I Love You!"

They do speak,unheard by you,

even a single word they say.

If only you could read a tear,
instead of wiping it away...

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