Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haunting memories

Haunted by the thoughts,she sat in darkness,
remembering last winter that went cheerless.

Fallen down in pain,growling feebly,
ripped through and bleeding heavily.

He looked into her tear filled eyes,
may be,wanting to thank her for being so nice.

She took him into her lap,
hugged him tight and soothed with her pats.

She stroked him gently and helpless;
listened to his fading voice,restless.

Tears uncontrolled,dripped onto his fur,
holding a painful heart,not easy to cure.

She went cold with numbness,
that December evening filled with sadness.

Feeling rancorous,still stroking,she stared,
at her beloved,quarried.

Letting out a hoarse,painful cry,
the Spaniel named Charlie,died.

She lives her life treasuring his toys and memories,
unwilling to experience the pain of losing another Charlie.

(written in memory of a long lost friend and my beloved doggie,Caesar,a Great Dane).
Thats for you,Cezu

No matter how many people come and go in your life,no individual you have shared your deepest emotions and feelings with,can be replaced by another.

1 comment:

Priya Joyce said...

ahhhh I can understand the pain...I feel awfully bad...
ab this..i feel sorry for ya dear cos i know hw bad it feels ahhhh :(