Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never everlasting..

Like a butterfly,it eludes when chased,
but sits softly on our shoulders,unattended.

Like a star flickering on a cloudy night,
it tries to illumine the space around.

Like a thunderbolt,jolting from the skies,
giving joggles every time it strikes.

Like a flower,the one day beauty,
blooms at dawn and withers at dusk.

Like a bi
rd,it flies away,
when its flock migrates their autumn flyway.

Like a river's streaming flows,
it moves away,unstamped on the same waters again.

Hence,the blissful feeling of contentment,
ess is never everlasting.

1 comment:

prajyot said...

yeah very true...nothing lasts for long..."Do pal ki khushi"