Friday, September 11, 2009


So close,
no matter how far.
I still miss her,
from the deepest of my heart.

Not too long that i knew her,
and already she has left me.

Like the sky with its missing moon.

Running down the memory lane,
i know not anybody,so sane.
Souly attached to me and my sisterhood.

Everytime i hear her,
I feel so much so same.

Synchronized thoughts on everything spoken
Undying emotions,same sweet sentiments.
None remain hidden,
from me,from her nor from him.

But words last spoken has deceived her,
on what wasn't done deliberately.

Impulsive acts,annoyance in her,
anguish in him and the guilt in me.

I say not a word more,against her
nor could i see her in blue.

I find no way out of this distress
thats created a whorlpool of confusion
with mixed emotions,away from tranquillity.

Defeated amidst a splendid friendship of three,
bloomed and rising to eternity.

i lay low,having not succeeded
watering the withered blooms,
with my tears of love and compassion,
which has now changed,
my melodious songs of life
into sorrowful mourns.

Deepest apologies with the everlasting guilt
is the only hope that remains...

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Escapist said...

Thats beautiful.