Friday, March 8, 2013

A woman's life

A baby with those tiny feet,
she grew up as a li'l girl, sweet.

her twinkling eyes,like stars in the sky.
her sweet voice,like chirping birds flying high.

She loved playing with her barbies,
and listening to dad's bedtime stories.

she loves her mummy, whom she mimics,
by wearing her saree and putting her lipstick.

her lovely black hair,curly and cute,
sways to and fro, her pony tails ,two

she grew up playing and fights were a routine,
indoor/outdoor games & pillow fights with her siblings,

folding her sleeves and skirts getting shorter,
she grew from a kid to a teenager, taller.

mascaras, nail colors ,lipsticks and fashion tips,
sometimes girlish , sometimes tomboyish.

studies, fashion, fun and shopping,
all in the list and still kept topping.

adorable is she, in her sweet sixteen.
tolerating envy and wild stares, obscene.

with li'l experience ,in a world of vulnerability,
innocent, she walks, maintaining her dignity.

she works hard to prove her equality,
maintaining her profile, to the standards of quality.

Work and family were her main criteria,
getting her married was her parents idea.

garlands, music and friends in her marriage
and the beautiful bride was the grandeur of elate.

pearls in her eyes for parting her parents,
entering a new life and delicate new relations.

A promise together they made for life,
to create milestone as husband and wife.

a daughter, a sister, a wife and now, a mother.
a baby, for her ,with love to nurture.

family first, with her work amidst,
a wise woman, with silver tresses.

multiple roles and multi tasking with perfection
managing everything with morals,love, care and affection.

Happy Women's Day!

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Mani Vinod said...

Too good Archan,thank you sooooooooooooooo much.