Friday, March 15, 2013

A boring friendship

I have a close friend,
He visits me , frequent
Our bond will never end,
To be with me, he's meant
Like a devotee, so ardent,
Follows me wherever I went,
Coz' of him some emotions I vent,
Coz' of him some thoughts I pen,
Coz' of him, I ring up an old friend,
Coz' of him, I daydream now and then,
Coz' of him, I fight with my husband,
Coz ' of him, I miss my family, again,
Nostalgic I feel, thinking of them.
A good friend with no bad intentions,
Yet creates in me an emotional torrent,
I like him bugging me like he does, often
My good old friend,I call him boredom.

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