Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our journey...

In this Journey of life, each other we have found
Destined to be together,and with love,to be bound.

I am thankful for the Time we spend together,
Though very little, yet soothing - a busy day, after.

Everyday that passes, I feel I love you more,
for the gentleness in you, is what I most adore.

Our wordy togetherness helps me discover You
my willful acceptance to most, is the rejoicing truth.

Though I've made The promise, I still pray for thee,
To have enough patience, and not be irked at me.

For, I may not always be the way you want me to,
Or ,I might say a thing, listening - you never intend to.

But as we move further, through experiences we'll learn better
For, I have always known and believe, Time to be the best teacher

Our lessons for life will take us together, through
The chapters of our life's sorrows and happiness true.

No matter what it may be like, I know you are my perfect companion, and friend.
And I would choose you again and again, for all the lives, till the end.

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