Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mutilated Mind

A wild wind inside my head.
Voices back of me, i heard.

Felt not before, this disturbed,
for all that never goes, unheard.

Longing for asylum, I lurk.
from all that said, I erred.

Paranoia, they say is such;
They know not, I'm stressed, how much.

Don't know what made me fall down,
but this ain't gonna last long.

Everybody has an insight too,
till this moment holds on, through.

As a matter of fact, THEY ACT.
And wait until, I react.

The face beneath my skin,
sees it all from within.

Whether I sink or swim,
but knows, I DO NOT pretend.

I stand again to instigate,
having fingured, at the 'so-called' mistakes.

To prove myself right from wrong,
for,this is not where I belong.

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